Is it Legal to Use Google Pay at Online Casinos?

It is 10,000% legal to use Google Pay at an online casino. Though online casinos in India are still in flux, it is entirely legal and secure to play at online casinos. Also, if a casino accepts GPay as the payment method, then it becomes more secure, and the legality remains the same. Google Pay is a great UPI payment method used by more than half of India’s population. Playing with an online casino that uses GPay brings a higher trustability factor.

Since it is known to everyone that Google Play doesn’t allow downloading casino sites. Hence, if a person chooses to get his casino site on Google Play, it becomes a breach condition. But, Google Pay itself allows for deposits at online casinos. Hence, it stands entirely legal. Also, there are other UPI apps as well such as Paytm or PhonePe, which are accepted at online casinos. Therefore, paying with any UPI apps that NPCI monitors is entirely legal.

Benefits of using Google Pay at online casinos in India

Now that we know that using Google Pay at online casinos is as legal as placing a bet on horse racing.


Let us understand why more and more people choose GPay as their payment option and what are the benefits:


Google Pay has got a great advantage over any other payment method, and that’s goodwill. Almost everyone uses GPay for their banking transactions, and it has never let its customers down. If a person has any queries related to payment or if their payment is stuck, GPay’s customer support resolves the issues over the blink of an eye.

Fast and secure transactions

The payment done via Google Pay is the fastest. One can even pay via entering the mobile number or to the contacts. The payment by Google Pay is even faster than the melting of ice cream – because it takes more time. However, GPay doesn’t. This UPI app is supported and backed by various encryption technologies. These technologies ensure that no malicious website or person attempts to hinder and hamper the transaction.

Does Google Pay allow withdrawal from online casinos?

There is hardly any glitch that a person or expert can find at Google Pay. One can easily use it for deposit at any casino and keep their transaction entirely secure. There wouldn’t be any issues regarding illegality as it is entirely legal. Or, a person would never lose his money even if the payment hasn’t reached the casino. The payment would either reflect or reflect at the casino’s end. However, there is one drawback that Google Pay has with casinos, and that’s the withdrawal of winning amounts. One can’t withdraw from online casinos using GPay. Rather, a person can use other UPI apps such as Paytm for withdrawal alone.

Final Words

A person or a player shouldn’t worry about the legality of Google Pay casinos because it is legal. One can use it for depositing money at any offshore casino, which is licensed by any licensing authority such as MGA.

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