About Us

Pay Casinos is the easiest way to gamble online on several websites. It is a home for Indian punters who are passionate about betting and want to know everything about it. 

We mention the sites  that offer fast and secure payment options directly from the ever-trusted- google platform. Due to the ever-increasing popularity of “Gpay” or “Google Pay,” our experts have to mention the sites for our precious Indian users. 

All the websites are legal and completely trustworthy. With the smooth and transient payment options, you can enjoy betting and win at your comfort. All the betting websites are entirely mobile-friendly and provide an even better user experience. Moreover, they have 24*7 customer service support to address any issues the users might face.

In addition to safety and security, these sites also offer many incentives to our users. Some of these incentives include first deposit bonuses, free spins, and exciting cashback. 

Additionally, a safe and secure payment gateway will ensure that you have a smooth and fun gambling experience. 

Don’t worry about the extra charges because the sites mentioned on our list charge no transaction fees on your deposits or withdrawals. All your sensitive and bank information will have the added security of a trusted platform of Google. You can enjoy and have fun in online gambling without having to worry about payment options. Just add your existing google pay account or make a new one to get started. Google Play Casinos are safe, secure, and extremely fun.