Google Pay Withdrawal at Online Casinos – Is it possible?

Online Casinos in India have become very popular, and around 80% of Indian adults gamble once every year. With exciting games and bonuses, one can easily play at an online casino with an affordable deposit. These online casinos accept payment in Indian rupees, which makes it more convenient for an Indian player.

Earlier, many online casinos didn’t accept payment in Indian rupees. Therefore, many people were reluctant to try their hands at online casinos because of currency exchange and other issues. However, today, a player can deposit within seconds using great banking options such as Google Pay, UPI and Net banking.

Google Pay is the most celebrated and popular payment method that a player chooses. It is much safer and secure, and a player can deposit funds at an online casino instantly. Though all online casinos are legal, many people follow the notion that they’re not allowed in India. However, Google Pay plays an important role in ending those notions and bring more players to the casino. One can also receive various types of bonuses while paying with Google Pay at any casino. The only drawback that Google Pay Casinos brings with it is the withdrawal. Google Pay doesn’t allow withdrawal, and a person who’s deposited via GPay, has to choose some other option for withdrawals.

The better substitute or option can be Net Banking because a person can easily deposit and withdraw money using the same method.

How to withdraw money using Netbanking?

Netbanking is a great method that various bank operators use. It allows a person to transfer and receive money to the bank account directly. The Netbanking statistics have been enormously strong, and there remain no chances of fraud. Hence, more and more players tend to use netbanking as their payment utopia.withdraw money

But, before moving ahead with withdrawing details using Netbanking, one must ensure that they are eligible for the withdrawal. Almost every casino comes with bonuses and wagering requirements. There are very few casinos that do not have wagering requirements along with their promotions. One should always check whether they’ve fulfilled the criteria of wagering requirement before checking out or withdrawing. Many players forget about this point and hence, face issues while withdrawing.

Withdrawal from netbanking usually takes 2 hours to 3 days. According to reports, Netbanking is considered one of the fastest modes used for withdrawal.

Steps to withdraw using Netbanking

Few online casinos or betting sites request the ‘Know Your Customer process. A player has to provide their information such as identification number or card to the online casino. This process ensures that the player is legally liable to play and payment is going in the right hands. One should complete their KYC before the withdrawal. Once the KYC is completed, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the cashier page or payment page of your favorite casino. You can also find the payment page on your account menu.
  2. Select withdrawal option.
  3. Choose the payment option as netbanking.
  4. Enter the amount that you have earned after fulfilling the wagering requirements.
  5. Fill in your payment details – it hardly takes 2 minutes of your time.
  6. The casino will initiate the payment process.

Final Words

Google Pay is the best payment method, but it would be really good for players if it starts accepting withdrawals. GPay casinos allow deposits and it happens over the blink. Netbanking is another great payment option that enables both – deposit and withdrawal.

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