Casino Deposit Limits for Google Pay Users

Many players choose Google Pay as the deposit method for various reasons, such as safety and ease of payment. Also, online casinos are the next industry that is becoming famous day by day. There used to be very few people who chose to play at online casinos or gamble online in earlier days. Eventually, very few people got the chance to visit Goa for land-based casinos. Others considered casinos to be illegal. However, it is partially true. Online casinos are legal in India because there has been no law prohibiting players from offshore casinos. However, land-based casinos are illegal.

With online casinos being on the rise, people usually worry about deposit and withdrawal issues. According to a survey, many people leave the casino before depositing money because of the unavailability of their deposit method. Hence, casinos that use GPay as their deposit method generate more user-base. However, for withdrawal purposes, people must choose a second option as GPay doesn’t allow withdrawals.

Why do people choose to deposit at online casinos with GPay?

There are various reasons why people love GPay casino; some of them are mentioned below:

Convenience & Popularity

Almost everyone uses GPay and for various purposes. Hence, GPay is a payment method that is known to almost everyone. When many people know about a product or service, a trust factor is developed. It can also be termed as goodwill. Also, Google Pay is very convenient to use because a person can pay with just a click.

Legal & Secure

Google Pay is entirely legal because NPCI governs it. All the UPI payment methods are governed by NPCI – which makes them more secure and legal.

Legal secure

Also, Google Pay uses a high level of security so that your payment remains completely safe.

Fast deposits with zero fee

Google Pay ensures fast and secure payment through its platform. A person doesn’t need to wait for more than 10 minutes. This scenario helps a player to concentrate on playing rather than depositing money as it will be done in seconds. It also charges zero fees for the transaction, which is a plus compared to other payment methods.

Deposit limits for Google Pay users for Casinos

As per Google Pay’s notification, a person can send up to Rs. 1 Lakh per day. However, one can only send the money ten times a day – if it exceeds, then the transaction will get canceled. But, there is a certain deposit limit that is set by the casino as well. Some casinos allow only Rs. 50,000 as the maximum deposit amount. In this case, even if the Google Pay user’s limit is not exceeded as per GPay norms, the player wouldn’t be able to deposit more than Rs. 50,000.

Moreover, even a few bank operators have set up certain daily and weekly limits. In most banks, the daily limit is equivalent to the daily limit of GPay being Rs. 1 Lakh. But, few banks have reduced the limit up to Rs. 50,000 a day, and very few have reduced it to Rs. 25,000 a day.

Final Words

Google Pay limits are enough for any player to play at the casino and enjoy the games thoroughly. Experts suggest that these limits are beneficial for both players: a novice and a high-roller.


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