5 Alternatives to Google Pay for Casino Deposits

The usage of online casinos in India has increased significantly. Also, Google Pay is the most used deposit method at any online casino. The only problem that a player faces with Google Pay’s payment platform is the payout! According to reports, a player can’t withdraw his winning amount in Google Pay’s account.

In this blog, we’ve discussed the top 5 alternatives to Google Pay that work similarly, and a few of them allow withdrawal as well. The main motive of this blog is to keep our punters updated with the available payment methods so that their entertainment doesn’t stop if their GPay account provides any glitch!

Here is the list of top 5 alternatives to GPay for deposit:


Paytm is another payment method that comes under UPI payment methods only. A person can easily pay via Paytm on any online casino. The deposit options are very fast with Paytm at online casinos. Paytm is one of the most popular payment methods which are used for both deposit and withdrawal both. Google Pay Casino doesn’t allow withdrawal, where Paytm does allow withdrawal.

It is also governed by NPCI – National Payment Corporation of India. You can withdraw the amount in Paytm wallet, which doesn’t come with Google Pay (a person doesn’t get the wallet with GPay).

Mastercard and Visa

Almost all the banks have Mastercard and Visacard as credit and debit cards. You can find these at any place and use these for any payment activity. The payment with Mastercard and Visacard is also very fast. All you need to do is – enter the details, and the payment will be made within a few minutes. Online casinos have used these cards since the beginning, and other payment methods came after Mastercard and Visa cards.


PhonePe is another payment method that a casino accepts. It is widely popular after Paytm and Google Pay as it is also a UPI payment method. One can pay via PhonePe’s wallet or UPI transaction. It processes payment within a very short time. One can withdraw money from any casino using PhonePe.

Net banking

One can do Net banking directly from their bank account. They don’t require any additional card or details to do Net banking. Many shops, websites, and online casinos accept Net banking as their banking option. The payment remains entirely secure and safe. All you need to do is fill ‘yes’ for net banking at the time of availing or opening a bank account. It can also be enabled after a few months of usage.

Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies

Various casinos accept Bitcoin as their payment option. It is not a fiat currency, and hence, a person must remember the private key.


If they forget the private key, their wallet will remain terminated forever – as one can’t recover it. The best part of paying with bitcoin is that a person can stay anonymous.

Final Words

The best method of payment is GPay. However, these can be used as alternatives as they provide the same fast deposit as GPay. Also, they allow withdrawal from casinos as well.

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